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We help you in ICT personnel recruitment

We can help you to recruit an individual ICT professional. We can also collaborate with your company to develop a personnel recruitment process for the years to come. We can take on all your recruiting functions or just a part of them. You have our support whenever you need, right from the job description and definition of selection criteria to the induction of the new employee.

An ICT professional uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other forms of social media daily. He/she leaves a digital footprint. Information collected in social media is a tremendous help in finding professionals to hire. It enables targeting search marketing to precisely the right people. We will be your partner in choosing the methods with which the end result can be maximised.

Our consultants have recruited countless ICT experts, supervisors, and sales personnel in the roles of a recruiting supervisor, human resources, and recruiting consultant. We know the people in the field, the companies, and the special features of this business. We understand the challenges of your business. We are the partner for you who shares the same wavelength!

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