Give love a chance - corporate culture rules

Monday 10/19/15 - Ilpo Järvenpää


Experience and technical expertise! A hungry attitude!

These are the things employers look for, especially when recruiting for the IT sector. Of course, one needs to have the necessary competences in place. The work must get done. And the motivation needs to be there so that each employee does their best.


When a new employee is starting out, they have great expectations and a burning desire to get down to business. Unless the new, skilled employee feels at home, motivation is short-lived. They start feeling bad. They start looking for new challenges, and the work relationship ends all too soon. The recruitment process goes back to square one. The employee didn't fit in with the company culture.

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Hunting IT rockstars

Monday 10/19/15 - Ilpo Järvenpää


My cell phone lit up with the old blues rock classic "Bad to the Bone". The caller was the HR Manager from an IT company I know well. He had a problem.

"Our SharePoint expert from customer services resigned a few months ago. Now the guy is already working for another company", he started. 

"We needed a replacement. I wrote a job ad and broadcasted it in a few job boards" he told me. "Then I lifted up my feet, leaned way back in my office chair, and waited until we could pick the very best candidate out of the many applicants."

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