We'll be your partner in ICT permanent and executive placements. Often, the best recruiting results come from using all possible means: headhunting techniques and job marketing combined with social media. The channels to use depend on the profile of the person we're looking for. We also offer recruitment outsourcing and various HR services.

Headhunter and Headhunting

Our headhunting can reach even those leaders and professionals who are happy with their current employment. They are not actively looking for new opportunities.

According to a LinkedIn survey, 1/4 say they follow job boards. However, 87% admit that they are willing to discuss new opportunities with a recruiter. A headhunter can reach those 87%.

We reach your potential employees with our executive search methodology. We contact them in person and research their suitability and willingness to open position. Headhunter interview and test the most promising professionals and present you the most suitable candidates. You only pick the right one. Our headhunters' solid experience in the field of IT and in recruiting, the social networks at their disposal and the new analytical, big data -based applications make precision search possible: finding someone with exactly the right know-how, attitude, and personality.

Job marketing

We know our way around traditional job marketing based placements. Sometimes, it yields the most cost-effective end result. We create an open job ad and broadcast it in media that reach the target group the most efficiently. In some cases, job boards produce the best results. But more often than not, the best results for grabbing ICT professionals come from social media recruiting.

If so desired, we will answer all queries related to the job and receive the applications. Ad searching often brings along a number of applications from people who lack the required characteristics. We can identify those who fit the bill and conduct the first round of interviews. All our client needs to do is interview the best people and choose the most suitable candidate.

Recruitment outsourcing

In the past 10-15 years, recruiting has undergone radical changes. Gone are the days when the Sunday paper was bursting with job adverts. The new social media channels, mobile Internet, cloud services, big data, and innovations that we haven't even heard of yet - all that will only accelerate the transformation. The requirements for those who handle the company's recruiting will only grow.

An ICT company, especially one that is growing at a fast rate, often has constant recruitment needs. However, hiring full-time recruiting personnel would be too costly. For some companies, recruitment needs vary a lot and thus hiring permanent staff is not feasible.

If your company's personnel would rather spend their time on your core business - and not on learning about novel recruiting methods or on routine recruiting tasks - the most sensible way is to outsource your staff hiring needs to external experts. We can take over the complete recruiting process or only parts of it. We always tailor the solution according to the client company's own resources and needs, and set the goals together.

HR services

When you need some helping hands in your HR operations, or your company has no fixed HR staff of their own, we're here to help you out. Our consultants are seasoned professionals with extensive experience of managing HR functions in ICT companies.

Your company's HR processes can be developed, updated, or built from scratch by us. The desired outcomes may include, for instance, improving employer image; developing HR management or personnel; and improving occupational well-being. If required, we will provide you with a temporary HR Manager. If your company's HR has areas that need improving, contact us and have our consultants sit down with you to find the best way forward!